Bakeland - cookbook by Marit Hovland
Marit Hovland

Bakeland - cookbook by Marit Hovland

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Join us for a sweet trip to Bakeland! Beautiful nature pictures linked to baking recipes put you in a good mood and inspire creativity.

Here are 50 delicious recipes for various pastries, such as cheesecake, macaroons, carrot cake, chocolate cake, nut cake, meringue and coconut cake.

Each recipe has a connection to nature, such as muffins topped with snow crystal frosting, cinnamon lollipops with chocolate-inspired pearls, gingerbread shaped like cones, leafy maple cookies and buns with candied roses.

Marit Hovland is a trained graphic designer and has an interest in baking, nature and photography. Bakeland is her first book. Follow her on the blog with baking recipes and other hobby projects:, and on instagram: @borrowmyeyes