Scented Candle Cravings - By North And Lights
North and Lights

Scented Candle Cravings - By North And Lights

349,00 NOK

The scent: 

CRAVINGS - The carbs you crave without the guilt

The issue: 

Craving carbs and feeling guilty about it. No more; ”How many carbs was in that?” This candle smells good enough to eat, but please don´t! Disclaimer: This candle does not contain actual comfort food, and I do not guarantee that it will fix your cravings completely. But it smells like real carbs and you definitely don´t need to feel guilty about it.

Consider this candle soulfood.


TOP: Orange, Coconut, Fruity, Nut

MIDDLE: Walnut, White Ginger, Clove

BASE: Coffee, Vanilla, Sugar, Musk


Made from natural, sustainable & luxurious rapeseed wax & phtalate free fragrances. 60 hours burn minimum