Temptation Diffuser - By North And Lights
North and Lights

Temptation Diffuser - By North And Lights

349,00 NOK

The scent:

TEMPTATION - Florals & racing heartbeats

(Aa truly unique blend of florals & pink pepper. Feminine, complex and absolutely fabulous! Already a best seller!)

The story:

Everything about this was exotic and new, except the feeling in her heart. She had felt it before, but never like this, not this strong. The way he looked at her made her so nervous, the good kind. They left the place together & as they walked slowly down the street, both hearts started racing. They approached her front door. Her hands were trembling with temptation.

Sometimes a look from a complete stranger can make you feel more alive than ever.

Made from a natural, sustainable & luxurious base oil & phtalate free fragrances. Long lasting!