In The City Diffuser - By North And Lights
North and Lights

In The City Diffuser - By North And Lights

349,00 NOK


The scent:

IN THE CITY - Pomelo, citrus, sparkling champagne, high heels & lots of gossip

The story:

In a city like this, with a million things happening at once, it´s easy to feel a bit lost. Everyone is busy with their must do´s and should haves. She needed a break from all that and decided to invite the girls out to one of their fabolous champagne brunches. Sometimes, all you need are good friends, high heels and lots of gossip. It might seem superficial, but the conversations and memories they made were real.

If you get lost, good friends will help keep you grounded.

Made from a natural, sustainable & luxurious base oil & phtalate free fragrances. Long lasting!