Kyss Hverdagen book - Marthe Holien Bø
Marthe Holien Bø

Kyss Hverdagen book - Marthe Holien Bø

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In "Kyss Hverdagen" (Kiss Everyday Life), Marthe Holien Bø shares her method, how by focusing on the little things in life she can slow down the pace of everyday life and have more quality time with the family. It is at the intersection between the magical moments and the feasible timetable that everyday life becomes good for young and old.

The book contains many of Marthe's favorite recipes, which are also practical and possible to make on a busy day. Built around the four seasons, the book offers everything from tips to pre-Christmas activities, advice on long car trips with children or recipes for exciting food for birthdays. Marthe inspires a family life filled with joy, which makes the book something more than an ordinary cookbook. The book is seasoned with personal reflections and activities that show how one can, with small steps, become more present and create everyday magic.

Marthe is married to Rasmus and has two children. She has been blogging since 2008 at She was a finalist in the Vixen blog award 2013