Ocean Away Diffuser - By North And Lights
North and Lights

Ocean Away Diffuser - By North And Lights

349,00 NOK

The scent:

OCEANS AWAY - Salt water & unanswered questions..

The story:
The sound of pen against paper was the only sound louder than the waves outside. She was done writing now and placed the message gently into the bottle. She knew this was what she wanted, but what if it never arrived? What if she never got an answer, and what if she did?

Unsure of what scared her the most, she finally dropped it into the ocean. All she could do now, was to wait.

The ocean holds so many secrets.

This candle is perfect if you don't tend to love the super feminine candles. A lot of men like this one too. Unisex


 TOP: Seaweed, Driftwood, Oud

MIDDLE: Juniper, Myrtle, Lavender, Lemon

BASE: Olibanum, Tobacco, Incense, Vanilla, Vetiver


Made from natural, sustainable & luxurious oil & phtalate free fragrances. Long lasting, up to several months!