Rasberry and Vanilla Coffee Beans (Pink) - By TalorMade

Rasberry and Vanilla Coffee Beans (Pink) - By TalorMade

164,00 NOK

Burundi | Natural | Shembati 

This beauty tastes like when you find a wild raspberry bush in the Summertime, pick a bunch and take them home to make a raspberry pie. Creamy but still bright, its got tons of sweetness and sparkling acidity.

Varietal: Bourbon

Bag Size: 250g

Talor has worked in the coffee industry for almost 20 years. She started out slinging 'chinos at local coffee shops in her home town of Albury Wodonga before shipping off to Mebourne in the early 00's to be part of the burgeoning scene there. She has worked alongside of the whos who both as a barista and roaster. She now is an established roaster, dougnut maker and multiple cafe owner in her own right creating amazing coffee out of a place of joy, passion and hard work.

All the coffees come as whole beans.