Scented Candle Daydream - By North and Light
North and Lights

Scented Candle Daydream - By North and Light

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The scent: 

DAYDREAM - Warm sunrays & crisp air

The story:
The sun had come up hours ago, but was hiding behind heavy clouds. Her window was open and she could feel the crisp breeze on her skin. She was lying on her bed looking out her bedroom window. The clouds were moving fast, only giving her glimpse of sunrays in between them.  She found herself lost in a daydream. A daydream so good and that took her far far away. Her thoughts moved as fast as those clouds and she wondered where they would take her this time.

You see, daydreams can take you anywhere.

Made from natural, sustainable & luxurious rapeseed wax & phtalate free fragrances. 60 hours burn minimum