Scented Candle Nordic Woods - By North and Lights
North and Lights

Scented Candle Nordic Woods - By North and Lights

399,00 NOK

 The scent:

NORDIC WOODS - Soft forest floor & a little bit of mystery

The story:

She always enjoyed her walks in the woods, it was an escape from the concrete jungle she lived in. The feeling of soft forest floor beneath her feet and the sound of trees waving in the wind, always put her mind at ease. And although she always walked by herself, she never felt alone. The woods up north are a little mysterious and they always made her think about the old myths about woodland creatures.

It made her wonder. Were they really just myths?

TOP: Nordic Air, Watermint , Fresh Currant
MIDDLE: Juniper Berry, Fir, Bergamot
BASE: Clove, Florals, Cedar

Made from natural, sustainable & luxurious rapeseed wax & phtalate free fragrances. 60 hours burn minimum