Tiny Bergen Book - English/Norwegian- Øystein Dypedal
Øystein Dypedal

Tiny Bergen Book - English/Norwegian- Øystein Dypedal

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Tiny Bergen - Small stories from the world's most beautiful city - A book with miniature street art from Bergen. Tiny Bergen is a street art project by Øystein Dypedal. Dypedal creates the art of miniature figures that he glues to the street in Bergen, and allows them to remain so that passers-by can discover them.

The installations tell little stories from Bergen, and show the city from a perspective that for most people is completely unknown. What you thought was a used coffee cup could prove to be a tempting bathing spot, and an old shoe hides a magical story. The pictures in the book take you into this magical world that unfolds in the midst of us.

Get lost in the pictures and get to know Bergen in a whole new way. The street art is a tribute to Bergen, with a call to stop and enjoy the small moments of life.

See excerpts from the book at www.issuu.com/dypedal

Instagram: instagram.com/dypedal/