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  1. Batteridrevet Lampe Mushy Lyseblå - By Bahne
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  2. Batteridrevet Lampe Mushy Grøn - By Bahne
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  3. Batteridrevet Lampe Mushy Pink  - By Bahne
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  4. Rang bord Ø38 eik - By Tonning og Stryn
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  5. Candy Bordlampe White - By Bahne
  6. Candy Bordlampe Multi Colour - By Bahne
  7. Candy Bordlampe Grøn - By Bahne
  8. CONSOLE TABLE Marine Blå - By Kalager
  9. Bartrolley Gold - By Bahne
  10. Stol 1036 Alf Sture - By Tonning og Stryn